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The Woodshed Amish Furniture in Wisconsin

About American Made Handcrafted Amish Furniture

 What you should expect when you buy Amish Furniture constructed with natural woods

Often potential customers are unaware of the nature of wood and the procedures used in crafting wood furniture.  This understanding will enable you to appreciate and enjoy Amish Furniture to the fullest.

Handcrafted pieces are works of art; each individual Amish craftsman labors to express the excellence of his skills.  This gives each piece a nostalgic character produced only by the unique variations of the slight imperfections in the crafting by hand.

Solid wood, even when kiln dried and finished, is capable of expanding and contraction due to temperature and humidity changes.  This natural variation can occur even in antiques hundreds of years old 

Quality wood furniture is constructed to allow for this movement.  However, this may cause surface checks or even slight cracks, often in the knots of the wood.  These wood characteristics will enhance the beauty of the piece and do not affect the structural strengths of the furniture.

Anyone who cannot appreciate these slight variations, imperfections, movement or checking in their reproductions should not buy hand made furniture.

It is hoped that through a better understanding, you will come to a greater appreciation of handcrafted wood Amish furniture.

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