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The Woodshed Amish Furniture in Wisconsin

Special Orders

The special order process at the Amish Furniture Stores in Augusta Wisconsin
Our Special Orders are American Made by American Craftsmen!

Some orders are available within 1-5 days from our warehouses

You can also “custom order” unique combinations of woods, stains, and sizes. Described below is the time necessary for custom orders to be hand crafted by our Amish Furniture Craftsman and delivered to you.

Step 1: 2 to 5 Days to get your order to the Amish Craftsman (they often have no phones: certainly no computers, and no fax machines)

Step 2: 8 to 10 weeks for the Amish Craftsman to cure, craft, stain, and seal your furniture.  This American Made Amish furniture is real wood and it takes the wood time to accommodate these changes

Step 3: 2 to 5 days to transport your Amish furniture to The Wood Shed warehouses.

Step 4: 3 to 5 days to schedule home delivery of your new Amish furniture.

P.O. Box 479, Augusta, WI 54722
Fax: 715-286-5286

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thomas E. Randall  or some of the staff at 715-286-5404
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