Amish Buggy 

The Woodshed Amish Furniture in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Amish Tours 2014

Amish Tours at the Woodshed in Augusta Wisconsin
Late April through October

Off-season tours may be available if there is a guide available and the weather permits.   Call 715-286-5404 before you plan

Regular Season Tours are available in late April, May, June, July August, September and October, Monday through Saturday only, in Augusta Wisconsin.

Reservation should be made for our special Amish country tours to guarantee a guide is available.

Please respect the traditions of the Amish community. Ask your tour guide before taking photos of our Amish friends. Rates and options subject to change without notice - please confirm when you make a reservation. For information about our community and the Amish Tour - click here for an example of what you might hear on the Amish Tour

Augusta Wisconsin Amish Rural Countryside Tours

Tours only by the Carload - $42.50 - our guide will escort you.  Space required for the guide in your car. Fee may be higher for vehicles and vans over 6 passengers

Please call 715-286-5404 to make a standard tour reservation in Augusta Wisconsin
Tour lasts 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours
Stops vary but can include (inquire when you make a reservation):

Amish Home and Farm set up by the Amish for this tour
Scratch and Dent Store
Amish Store with bakery open only to tour customers (and the Amish)
Vegetable and Fruit Products stop if requested by tourists and if seasonally available
Tips are not necessary but are greatly appreciated.

Standard Tour Season is May Though October
Tours earlier and later in the season by special appointment, weather permitting - please call to inquire about off season limitations and to make arrangements - 715-286-5404

Coach Bus Amish Countryside Tour in Augusta Wisconsin
(your tour company supplies its own bus)

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for these Bus load Amish Tours.  Please call 715-286-5404 to make a coach bus tour reservation in Augusta, Wisconsin
$125.00 per coach - (plus tax)
Tour takes an estimated 3 hours
Tips are not necessary but are greatly appreciated.




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